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Joseph W. Cliburn, Ph.D.

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Here are some examples of my web programming work. Click on the thumbnails to view larger screenshots. The first two sites represent long-standing commitments to small business clients. Several "exhibits" represent work that I did as Associate Vice President for Institutional Research & Planning at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, a position I held for over 12 years. Others are hobby-related or pro bono sites that represent particular areas of technical expertise. Where appropriate, I've included external links to the sites themselves, but this is not always possible when pages are deployed on intranets.

Finally, the website itself is a portfolio, showcasing a variety of projects ranging from my Palm OS software & custom screen-scrapers that generate a collection of security-related RSS newsfeeds to football statistics & a "BOGUS" online diploma mill. The main pages within are generated by a Perl templating engine & all output is validated XHTML.

DesignHouse, Inc.

I have provided web programming & consulting services to DesignHouse, Inc., a home design service in Mississippi, for seven years. The system uses a template engine & MySQL database. The last major update to this site was in 2008. Currently, the database contains information for nearly 5,000 home plans by approximately 25 designers.

It is a complete search-to-order system featuring "Save Favorite Plans" functionality for users, JavaScript-driven order/pricing form, SSL ordering & e-mail notification of the vendor. There are control panels for the system administrator & for each contributing home designer. All data entry & image uploading are web-enabled.

DesignHouse Search Form search form DesignHouse Results Listing results listing DesignHouse Plan Page plan page
Admin Controls admin controls Designer Controls designer controls

For five years (2003-2007), I provided web programming, data management & technical consulting services for, a New York company specializing in trade magazine subscriptions. The "storefront" web presence was minimal, because most traffic was referred via targeted ads. The CGI scripts display listings in 22 different topic categories, or the subscription qualification forms for any of over 100 publications can be shown.

ASCII flat files are used for data logging & template control. An administrative control panel provides management tools for publications & categories, traffic statistics by title & ad campaign, and data extraction tools to prepare subscription return files for publishers.

YTP Category Page category listing YTP Subscription Form subscription form

Online Planning System

This application was used for three years at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College to archive planning goals, objectives, results & progress reports for all departments in a multi-campus organization. Separate dashboards were provided for executive council, campus deans, divisional facilitators & department chairs. Plans were saved in a file system for easier transfer to Word & other office software.

VP Dashboard VP dashboard Campus Dashboard campus dashboard Edit Plan edit plan form
Division Dashboard division dashboard Create New Plan create new plan form

MFACJC Website

The Mississippi Faculty Association for Community & Junior Colleges asked me to set up a basic website a couple of years back. The site features pages for the officers, links to public community college websites, a legislative updates/links page & an online calendar. Technical services provided included the web development work, domain registration & hosting service setup.

MFACJC Home Page mfacjc home page


As Associate Vice President for Institutional Research at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, I was responsible for conducting a wide variety of in-house & external surveys. Here are a couple of survey forms. Back-end CGI scripts recorded & processed the data collected by the surveys. Online tools, including Excel web queries, provided dynamic reporting for most surveys.

Policy Survey attendance policy survey Workshop Survey workshop attendee survey

The Legendary Web J-Card Polygizmo™

This self-processing PHP form creates inserts (j-cards) for CD jewel cases. The Polygizmo™ was originally rolled out in 1997 as a Perl script. The current version is the fourth major revision. Through 2006, the Polygizmo was directly linked to all concert setlists at the now-defunct Dylan Pool, allowing one-click creation of custom j-cards.

Give the Polygizmo™ a try!

Polygizmo polygizmo form J-Card polygizmo output  
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