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PocketC is an onboard compiler for Palm OS™ handhelds. It is easy to learn. Source code can be written in the Palm Memo Pad & compiled from there. This makes PocketC the ultimate geek entertainment in waiting rooms & airports! There is also a desktop edition that has plenty of other bells and whistles. For more about PocketC, visit Orbworks.

The source code provided here is free for you to use in your PocketC applets. All I ask is that you send a copy of the compiled bytecode for your program.

To use these function libraries, open Palm Desktop to the Memo Pad view. Create a new memo to hold the source code. Then use the links below to navigate to the code listing you want to use. Highlight the text in the box, then copy it to the clipboard & paste it into the memo you've just created on the desktop. HotSync™ the memos to your handheld & compile with the PocketC onboard compiler. (You can also paste into Notepad, save it as a text file & use the PocketC Desktop Edition to do the compiling on your PC.)

  • SplitLib: Two small subroutines for splitting strings "Perlishly" in your PocketC programs.
    Fetch the SplitLib source code and the demo applet that shows how to call it.

  • MatchLib: This little function may be "included" in a PocketC applet to provide basic pattern matching.
    m("pattern to match", "string to search", "i")
    Get the MatchLib source code. The demo shows how use it.

  • SubstituteLib: This function emulates a "Perlish" search-and-replace in your PocketC applets.
    s("pattern to match", "pattern to replace it with", "string to search", "i")
    Get the SubstituteLib source code and the demo here!.

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